Manual Amendments

Date Manual Page Change
April 2013
MOD 60  
Under 6. Installing the thread flange, third paragraph after "see figure 4", please add 
(for fuel sender units supplied from February 2012 the rubber gasket between the threaded flange and fuel tank is not required. The remaining rubber gasket should be coated on both sides with PR1422 fuel resistant sealant).
March 2013 29T 8
Following added after paragraph 3:
Kits supplied after mid-August 2011 do not include the AN960-2016 washers, following a redesign of the Axle Nut.  The integral bearing surface on the face of the axle nut eliminates the need for these washers.
March 2013 33T Various
Page 1 Step 1 - Adaptation
The diagram shows, on the right hand side, 'Bolt MS24694-S105' has been changed to 'MS24694-S106'
Page 2 4th paragraph
'MS24694-S58' has been changed to 'MS24694-S106'
Aug 2012 XS OM T various

Updated format

Reference to LAA MOD/247/008 added

Note regarding a potential issue with an incorrect orientation of the nosewheel speed kit. where fitted.

Apr-12 CBM32M 11 BUSH (2 off) AJ061206 should be AJ081208


CBM34 3 The cover is a pre-moulded part (F33P and F33S) which will be bonded to the inner skin over the cut out.  Please note that prior to October 2011 both F33P and F33S were not supplied in the kit.  The Builder was to layup using 4 plies of bid.  Please contact the Factory for assistance if this is applicable to your build. Added
Feb-12 CBM 33T 4  hydraulic (TU55RM) line removed
Jan-12 CBM 9T 11 Changed AN525-10R32 to AN3-21A
Jan-12 CBM 9T 17 Changed AN525-10R32 to AN3-21A
Jan-12 CBM 13 13 Changed AN470AD4-7 to TLPD435BS
Jan-12 CBM 22 4, 5 Changed 28-2-G to 428-3-VG
Jan-12 CBM 27 12 Changed 281315 to P34913114
Jan-12 CBM 29T 10 Changed P281315 to P34913114
Nov-11 CBM 34  2 Copy amended to: The push-rods DL11F and DL11R, two short and two long, are made up from the 10mm x 5mm flat section aluminium bar B4RM
Oct-11 Mod 71  
Jun-11 Annex E (T) 5 Part number CS30 changed to: CS21